Connecting online to end your struggle with food and your weight.


Your Holistic Diet

The world doesn’t need another diet


finding your own holistic way of losing weight that suits your body and your needs

  • Transform your lifestyle to a healthy one
  • Find compassion and release the shame and judgement 
  • Let go of negative body image so you can love and nourish your body
  • End your cravings, binges and reactive eating
  • Sustain the weight you lose
  • Learn to eat in a way that benefits your body,  life and future generations

The Four Pillars To Sustainable Weight Loss

Many people spend much of their life dieting, losing weight only to regain it.


This weight cycling has a negative impact on your physical and emotional health and can make you heavier in the long run.

The world doesn’t need another diet. We need a completely new approach. 


Biochemical Pillar

Do you frequently overeat, but feel hungry when you try to eat less? Do you crave food or use food to keep yourself going? Do you not eat that much, but still gain weight? Are you struggling to shift your belly fat?

Find out how your body blocks your weight loss

Psychological Pillar

Do you struggle with emotional eating? Do you have a negative body image? Does your relationship with food block you from healthy eating? Would you like to find a non-judgemental approach to weight loss?

Find out more about emotional eating

Environmental Pillar

Do you want to reduce your exposure to pollutants that cause you to gain weight AND harm the environment? Do you want to live more sustainably to maintain a healthy weight and protect the planet?

Find out more about environmental weight loss

Spiritual Pillar

Do you struggle when you don’t get what you want to eat? Do you feel disconnected from the source of your food? Do you want to have a meaningful relationship with food? Are you worried about the diet of future generations? 

Find out more about transformative weight loss

This is what I have learnt so far: I don’t have to find the perfect time to “start” as there is never the perfect time, so small changes become new habits. And then when they are in place I do something new and different.

Getting Started

For anything to flourish it needs the right conditions. For one plant, full sun may be perfect, for another it would shrivel and die. In the same way you have your own individual needs to flourish. Your Holistic Diet helps your unique journey with weight loss. It gets to the root of your weight issues so you can sustain the changes. 

We foster an attiude of self-empathy, unconditional friendliness and total honesty towards yourself. This means starting this new part of your journey listening deeply to your needs, staying loving and non-judgemental no matter what and being 100% honest about what you need to change. 

We know you can do it.

Step 1 – Get our FREE book

Download our new ebook and discover groundbreaking changes that you can make to your approach to weight loss.

PARADIGM SHIFT empowers you to make lasting changes, so the weight you lose stays off, you feel healthier and more energised and you live more sustainably, protecting the planet and the health of future generations.

Once you have read Paradigm Shift you will never look at weight loss the same way again!


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Step 2 – Take the quiz

Take the quiz and discover the best place for you to start.

You are unique. This quiz will help you discover where to start, so you get right to what is most relevant to your weight loss issues. 

Start your journey to lose weight for life.

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Connecting online to end your struggle with food and your weight

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I think I am doing remarkably well and very proud of myself.

I have lost 9lbs and already finding it a huge difference to how my clothes fit and how my knees feel and how I don’t get breathless just from walking up a hill. I don’t eat things that have no nutritional value.

I have realised the treats were not treats they were in fact harming my body and so now I treat myself with non food treats.

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The latest on weight loss and helpful tips 

What to do if your hormones are affecting your weight

What to do if your hormones are affecting your weight

When it comes to your hormones, it’s all about balance. If your hormones are out of balance, it can cause cravings, drive you to want calorific foods, make you store fat around your belly or just make you generally eat more than you need.
It all depends on which hormones are out of balance.

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