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When your body is out of balance it can block your weight loss

Work WITH your body to lose weight

Dawn Cuckow

Your body is amazing! Your heart beats, you breathe, you digest your food – all without thinking about it. Your body is designed to help you thrive. So why is it such a struggle to reach or maintain a healthy weight?

This is because modern life can disrupt your biochemistry. When your biochemistry is out of balance, your body can block your weight loss. When you work with your body and bring it into balance, it no longer causes cravings; it no longer increases your appetite for calorific foods; it no longer stores excess fat. This makes it so much easier to lose weight.

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If these 3 books aren’t relevant to you, check out our book shop. If your biochemistry is blocking your weight loss, we will have a book that helps you! Or it will be coming soon.


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