Your Holistic Diet


Life in lockdown can feel tough. Feelings run high and we struggle to know what to do with ourselves. It is easy to eat often because we are anxious or bored and around food all the time.

Pin a note to fridge to remind yourself to check out what you really need before you eat.

Why we eat when we need something else…
In a crisis our body goes into flight and flight. Our nervous system is in a heightened reactive state primed to run away or fight the immediate threat. When we are in lockdown we can’t run away, nor can we literally fight a virus unless we have it. Psychologically we are much more likely to turn to food in these difficult moments to try to regulate our emotions. We need to take a moment to tune in to our real feelings and not avoid them. Maybe we are frightened or lonely. It is better to confront these unpleasant feelings and give yourself what you really need than to eat. Eating won’t take them away and will cause you to put on weight.

A note on your fridge can slow you down and give you time to know what you need. Ask yourself do I really need food or is it something else I need right now like reassurance or safety.

If you want to know more about this eating pattern try our book Stop over-eating and tune into yourself

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