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Do you need a helping hand to address your emotional eating and make the deep psychological shifts towards sustained weight loss? 
The great thing is that so much help can be accessed over the internet. This can be empowering and help you change important structures whilst staying at home and reducing stress. 
Are you worried about your weight and the risks associated with the corona virus and your general level of health? 
This week in the UK an important document was circulated by Public Health England (PHE) emphasising the links between being over weight or obese with increased symptoms of Covid 19 and the complexity of weight loss. It’s as if the press has exploded with news about weight and obesity.
Your Holistic Diet’s research and the experiential way we help you learn the root causes for your weight gain are now at the cutting edge of a newly recognised approach to weight loss. To lose and sustain weight loss, particularly to reverse weight gain that has happened over a long period of time you need to look at ALL the factors involved. PHE now agree that there is no one size fits all and that long term weight loss can be complex. They say: 
“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the health crisis caused by overweight and obesity to the fore………….Helping people living with overweight or obesity to achieve or maintain a healthier weight is complex. There is no single solution and the situation has been decades in the making and is driven by environmental, behavioural, biological, societal and cultural factors and importantly, the interaction of these drivers.” 

From Public Health England

The good news is you’ve already signed up to reading our emails and trying to implement changes. But do you also need to take action to make a deeper shift? 

Do you need a helping hand in order to make that deep and sustainable lifestyle shift?
If you haven’t read our book Paradigm Shift – Weight loss in the modern world you can down load this FREE from our website.  This will help you understand the areas involved in sustained weight loss.
If you need individual help – book a one to one online and chat to Bay about your emotional eating – email
If you need help understanding why you emotionally eat – I am running a short 6 week course to help you deeply understand and begin to make significant shifts in your emotional eating. The EARLY BIRD saves you £75. This course will change your self awareness of how you eat and help you move forward where you might have been feeling stuck. It’s called What’s eating YOU? – more info on this link:
If you would like to do the course but need to pay in instalments please email us.  
If you would like to do the course but need to pay in instalments please email us.  


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