Your Holistic Diet


Do you show yourself love and care by eating sweet things?

We do not need to show ourselves or even each other love and care by eating and sharing food, but we do because we are socially conditioned to do this.

When food was not as plentiful or fattening as it is today,  this was not such a problem but these days it has become more of an issue.  One of the biggest health issues on the planet is obestiy. It is linked to health issues with Covid 19 and it is now no small matter to be over weight.

Yet to lose weight many of us need to address the way we eat. The way we emotionally connect to food. It doesn’t work simply giving food up and depriving yourself to lose weight because sooner or later this strategy will reach it’s sell by date and no longer work.

If you continue to feed yourself when you want to be good to yourself it can easily cause you to be eating a lot more weight gaining foods than if you do not do this.

Do you pour yourself a drink at the end of a hard day? Do you grab yourself a chocolate bar or buiscuit when you feel you deserve something nice? Do you buy a nice sugary treat for a loved one or the family (which you will also eat with them) when you want to celebrate or show love?

If you learn about all the different aspects of how your emotions trigger you to eat more than you need, it will help you change patterns of eating – maybe for life.

If you want to understand your emotional eating try reading our books or come on our new online course:

When you understand how you eat emotionally you can  change your patterns of eating that cause you to put on weight. 

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