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Many of the pollutants that are damaging the environment are also predisposing us to obesity

Your weight and the environment are interconnected

Dawn Cuckow

When we harm the environment, we harm ourselves. Many of the pollutants that are causing so much damage to the environment are also harming our health and predisposing us to obesity.


Look after the planet, look after yourself

We live on a beautiful planet. One that naturally provides everything we need to nourish and support ourselves. Yet the environment is now at a crisis point. We have polluted the air, the oceans and the land. We see ourselves as separate from our environment, yet everything is interconnected. What we put into the environment returns to us, from the air we breathe to the food we eat. 

As everything is inter-connected what harms the environment can also harm us. Toxins in our everyday products contribute to weight gain. Cleaning up our personal environment not only helps sustain your weight loss it also helps environmental clean up for generations to come.

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