Your Holistic Diet


Everything is inter-connected 

Everything we eat is inter-connected with humankind and the life-systems on the planet. When we have lost a sense of that inter-connection it is easy to eat and live in ways that are not good for us. Food that was once a naturally renewable resource, locally produced has now become a private global commodity. 

The industrial food system has created a new social phenomena – the objectification of food. This has deprived food of its real value – that is to nourish us. Food is no longer valued or revered, for its contribution towards our security and health. We no longer take time to be grateful for being fed another day. Instead the global market of mass food production and consumption has reduced us to seeing food simply as a commodity. The goal of the mass marketing of food is to maximise profit and it is this that fuels the objectification of our food, the disconnection from its true source and the devaluing of food as a source of nourishment for the human soul.

Much of the ‘food’ we buy is a long way from real food! This is all contributing to global weight gain. As we grow fatter, so do the bank accounts of the mass food markets. The local farmers and producers of food are no longer easily financially viable in a system that sees food as purely a commodity and not as nourishment.

When you see everything as inter-connected it starts to matter what you eat and where you shop. You start to look around and find those great places where real food is still available. Maybe it’s hard to keep this up all the time, especilly when things get stressed. However, setting the intention to care for the bigger picture can help change the way future generation are to eat. 

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