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You may know cinnamon as a delicious and warming spice, but it also possesses numerous biological activities that support your health, your weight loss and your immunity. Cinnamon can help your weight loss in a number of ways. It

  • Helps control your blood sugar levels which reduces cravings and stops giving your body the message to store fat
  • Contains phytoestrogens that help bring your female hormones into balance. Not only does this support your weight loss, it also reduces your hormonal symptoms. If you are approaching the menopause, have polycystic ovary syndrome or other hormonal imbalances and want to lose weight, try our ebook: Female hormones, appetite and belly fat
  • Reduces secretion of a hormone called ghrelin. Ghrelin makes you want to eat more and increases fat storage
  • Supports your liver, helping your body detoxify substances including obesogens (chemicals that you are exposed to in your everyday life that make you gain weight)

As well as these properties, cinnamon contains antiviral compounds. (These compounds are currently being investigated for their effects against COVID-19).

Cinnamon goes well with stewed apple. Or try sprinkling on porridge, breakfast cereals
or yogurt.

My children like cinnamon on their porridge. Many years ago, shortly after my daughter started school and was learning to read, she very helpfully got the cinnamon out and sprinkled it generously over her little sister’s porridge. Unfortunately, whilst she recognised the “C”, she hadn’t yet learned her other letters. Ground cumin does not go well on porridge!


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