Your Holistic Diet


There are no eggs or toilet roll in my local supermarket and some of the things I would normally buy are out of stock. But the one thing they do have is fresh fruit and vegetables. Including some fruit or veg with each meal supports your immune system and can help you lose weight. 

How fruit and veg can help your immune system AND help you lose weight…

We all know that fruit and vegetables are good for us. They are high in fibre and nutrients, including vitamin C, an important nutrient for your immune system. Many also contain immune-boosting bioflavonoids.

Being packed full of fibre and nutrients, fruit and veg support many systems in your body, from your female hormones and appetite regulation system to your adrenals. (Your adrenals produce stress hormones, so can become exhausted if you are under prolonged stress). When these systems become out of balance, your body can bock your weight loss. Eating fruit and veg can help keep these systems in balance, so your whole body functions optimally and it is easier to lose weight.

As fruit and veg are high in nutrients, not only do you feel less hungry, but hunger can feel less unpleasant.

You may not currently have the range of fruit and veg that is normally available. Or you may find that you have no option but to buy some of it wrapped in plastic. If you can’t get what you would normally have, try substituting other vegetables with your meals

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