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Your neural pathways are created in your brain by habits, behaviours and the messages you recieve from the enviromnet you live in. These signals are all connected like the hundreds of tiny flowers that make up one big bloom.

When you take part in new activities and ways of thinking and percieving you are training your brain to do things differently – this creates new neural pathways and these get stronger with repetition – what once felt odd or strange begins to feel like your new normal. 

Do you know how to stop the emotional triggers that cause you to eat?

Do you feel that the answers to your emotional eating lie in the way you grew up or learnt to eat?

Do you feel the way you have been behaving towards food is not helping you lose weight – in fact at times it sabatages your chances?

If you understand why you emotionally eat you can start to find compassion for yourself. You can remove your judgemental thoughts and start to change them with new ways of being. These will feel strange at first and maybe you will fear they won’t work – but if you repeatedly go about your weight loss in a compassionate, unjudgemental way the neural pathways that judged you internally before will gradually end.

When this happens you can start to address the emotional triggers. Understanding your emotional eating can change your neural pathways so you don’t look at your body and the way you lose weight in the same judgemental ways again.

If you haven’t read our FREE ebook – PARADIGM SHIFT – Weight loss in the modern world” this will help change the way you look at weight loss. This is not just an individual issue – it’s global.  Being over weight is important world wide now as Covid 19 symptoms can be more serious if you are over weight. The world needs to look at the food we produce to support our mental health not make it harder!

Bay is running an experiencial course on emotional eating in September. The early bird price gives you £75 off. This course will be really hands on and will help you get to the root of your weight gaining issues caused by emotional eating. It’s just 2 hours a week for 6 weeks with 2 individual sessions with Bay. Check out the course in our website shop: “What’s eating YOU? Lose weight by understanding your emotional eating”



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