Your Holistic Diet


Do you react to your emotions by eating? 

Does this lead you to either put on weight or block you from losing weight? 

Do you know you triggers to emotional eating and what to do about them? 

Many of us react to our emotions by eating but very few of us know why we react in that way and what to do about this. 

We learn many of our patterns of eating in early childhood.  There may be many reasons why you react to your emotions in a particular way. Often we are reluctant to go back to these times and unravel what has happened. This can be because these times may feel painful or unresolved. It can also be because we feel they are in the past and we dont want to go backwards. 

Yet unravelling why we do things the way we do often does solve the problem. Also sharing and having old and unresolved emotions from the past witnessed, released and cleared can feel empowering and help us to truly move on. 

Emotional eating is quite complex and very individual. What works for one person may not work for another and this is often where weight loss plans that do not address the emotional side fall down. 

For a start we need to understand our self care system. How we look after ourselfves and how food has become entwined in this. We next need to look at our attachments and bonding patterns – are we someone that eats when we really need support, or are we someone that feeds others for support? We then need to unravel whether we are clear on what we need in that moment or are we just eating as a one size fits all strategy to all our needs? Can we regualte our emotions without food? Do we know the difference in the phhysical sensations of when we are stressed or full up from eating? And if we can do all this….can we say no to food we don’t want without feeling we are offending someone. Can we resist eating food we know is going to make us put on weight? 

We have found that when people address their emotional eating they find it much easier to implement the biochemical side and make the lasting changes that unblock their body’s defences to losing weight. 

Bay is running a 6 week online course on why you emotionally eat and what to do about it. You will be able to work personally with her and with a small group to change this situation in your life – Check out the link to find out more – 

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