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Do you yo-yo eat?

Do you try to eat too small portions only to find yourself suddenly eating a lot in one go?
Or do you eat a lot in one go then try to compensate by eating less?

Yoyo eating is where you swing from eating a lot to a little and back again.
It is important to breaking dysfunctional eating patterns to know he difference between yo-yo eating and binge eating. Unlike binge eating, with yo-yo eating it is likely you would be able to stop yourself eating at some point even though you may have eaten more than you should have.

The first thing to changing yo-yo eating is to notice if you do it and when you do it.

Do you yo-yo eat when you feel low in which case being in lockdown may cause you to do this often as despite our best efforts there will be times of feeling low.

Maybe you over do things when you eat socially and then try and compensate later by skipping meals. In lockdown this might mean you eat a lot when you see nice things to eat – or eat or drink more on zoom or internet calls.

Maybe you leave it a long time before you eat as a strategy to eat less then suddenly eat more or eat something ‘treat like’ to ‘make up’ for your good behaviour or lack of breakfast.

A boom and bust cycle of eating can lead to yo-yo eating. This week see if you can notice if you yo-yo eat. If you do,
Do you feel bad about yourself when you eat the larger portion or do you tell yourself it’s ok because you didn’t eat before?
Do you believe this is the best way to lose weight?

Look out for part two  – how-to-stop-yo-yo-eating-part-two

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