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Yo-yo eating is a different eating pattern to binge eating. Binge eating is where you eat a lot in one go and there is a feeling of total lack of control often followed by a feeling of self-disgust or self-hate. 

Yo-yo eating has often come from years of dieting that has affected your way of thinking and then turned into a habit. You may think that not eating will help you lose weight.

Weight loss thinking has often centered around simply eating less as a way to losing weight. Yet now with all the research we know that weight loss is more complex than this. Certain biochemical factors can block your body from losing the weight and psychological factors can cause you to eat in weight gaining ways.

The way to sustainably lose weight is to balance your blood sugar and eat the right amount for your body of nutritious food regularly. If you skip a meal it won’t help you lose weight – in some circumstances it makes it worse.

So skipping meals and restricting food only to then break this by eating too much will not help you lose weight.

When you fully understand this inside yourself you will start to forge new habits that involve eating regularly. This will stop the yo-yo eating and on top of that your body will not crave the food when it feels restricted.

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