Your Holistic Diet


If you had difficulties with eating in childhood, then it might be hard to know what is right for yourself when it comes to losing weight in adulthood.


An example of this can easily show in our relationship with food:


Were you taught in an authoritarian way how to eat in childhood?
Were you told you what or how much to eat?
If you are told sweet things are for when you are good – you might now believe this message and treat yourself with sweet foods for positive behaviour
If you are told sweet things are indulgent and this is bad – you might now believe this message and now indulge yourself when you want to be naughty or to rebel.
Have Did your carer control over you by using food either as rewards or punishments?


If you felt an adult controlled your eating habits when young, you may feel you need to rebel or act against these inner voices as an adult.

If you learn to be autonomous over the way you eat, you will no longer need to rebel against old patterns from the past. 


Find out more about your emotional eating by checking out your emotional eating patterns on our website.







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