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Many people factor sugary “treats” into their weight loss plan. But it is not just about the calories. Sugar can make it harder for you to lose weight in a number of ways. It is not just your weight that sugar affects. It also impairs your adaptive immunity, leading to reduced defence against viruses.

Here are some of the ways that sugar makes it harder for you to lose weight…

  • Sugar can trigger you to overeat, particularly high sugar and high fat foods
  • Sugar may make you less sensitive to leptin, the fat burning hormone. So, if you eat sugar, you may burn less fat
  • Sugar affects your brain chemistry and encourages binging
  • Sugar is inflammatory. (Obesity is an inflammatory condition)
  • Sugar disrupts your blood sugar balance which can lead to cravings and increased fat storage

If you feel cross reading this, it may be an indication that sugar is an issue for you! 

If you regularly eat sugar, it can be hard to cut back. A good place to start is by balancing your blood sugar levels. This can reduce cravings for sweet foods. To discover the steps to balancing your blood sugar levels, try our ebook: Your fat storage hormone


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