Your Holistic Diet


When there is a threat to our life it is important to create safety. In this coronavirus crisis we need that safety to be our home. Create a boundary between the outside of your home and the inside. If your home feels safe you may eat less from stress.

Why we need a safe space to regulate our eating….

Everyone is very stressed right now. Even if we are ok ourselves we may be worried or stressed about loved ones or simply worry about the whole world. If we are around food it can be a habit to eat when we don’t feel safe.

We all need to work hard on calming our nervous systems on a daily basis during coronavirus. This helps our immune system and helps our mental health.

When you return home create a strong routine. Leave coats and shoes outside where possible, come in and wash hands straight away, wipe handles. If you are really a worrier change your clothes – try having your shower when you come in, instead of when you go out. Making your home feel safe and virus free will help you relax most of the day. This may result in less stress eating.

To find out more about how the need for safety affects our eating check out our book Nourishment is so much more than food

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