Your Holistic Diet


For many of us the act of making permanent changes creates something inside us that wants to stay the same and almost fights the change. We then find it hard to sustain the good we gained at the start. Let’s have a look at some reasons that can trigger this process: Are things are comfy as they are? Do you rebel against new ways of doing things, new tastes, new foods? Do you avoid facing health problems connected to your weight loss so you block confronting them. Do you tell yourself you want to change, but then create a smoke screen of defences so things can’t open up and be different. Do you have rigid belief systems that prevent you from thinking outside the box, or from finding lateral solutions to your difficulties? Do you have trouble questioning your own behaviour? Do you go around getting all the knowledge you need to make change, then not use this knowledge effectively as your pathways are too ingrained to stick at anything new? If there is a rebellious person inside you that emotionally blocks your weight loss – look out for part 3 on Friday!

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