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Spices boost your immunity and have properties that can help with weight loss.

A recent study found that nations with lower consumptions of spices showed greater number of COVID-19 cases per population. The researchers wrote: “This is not surprising as herbs and spices are well-known to boost immunity…our findings led us to hypothesize that spice consumption plays a role in our ability to fight COVID-19”.

Spices also have a range of properties that can help you lose weight. So for example, Turmeric is anti-inflammatory (obesity is an inflammatory condition); Cinnamon helps blood sugar balance; Ginger may reduce feelings of hunger; Chilli reduces your appetite and the amount of calories you consume and black pepper increases absorption of nutrients which helps you feel less hungry. (If you regularly eat more than you need, try our ebook: Align your appetite with your needs)

Simple ways to use spices include:

  • Grind black pepper onto your food
  • Pour boiling water onto grated root ginger to make a ginger tea; add ginger to smoothies
  • Add turmeric to curries or to rice when cooking
  • Sprinkle cinnamon on porridge

Watch out for Wednesday’s daily help, where I will share a delicious immune boosting recipe with you.

Reference: Elsayed Y, Khan NA (2020) Immunity-Boosting Spices and the Novel Coronavirus ASC Chem Neurosci,

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