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Transcend your personal patterns

Preoccupation with personal wants over the good of the whole affects global obesity and the health of future generations


Transform your weight loss

Bay Deane

When we try and lose weight, we are often looking for a transformative experience. One where the struggle to keep the weight off is no longer a constant issue. One that transforms our difficult feelings about ourselves and our health to a peaceful, loving relationship with our food, our bodies and the world around us. So how do we turn our weight loss journey into a transformative experience?


Go beyond your personal needs 

We make these changes, by transforming the beliefs upon which we live. If we go beyond our personal needs and our individual inner stories and embrace living in ways that is good for ALL of us something deep can change within us. We go beyond the personal to the transpersonal, the spiritual and start to contribute to caring about the good of the whole. 


Transcendent weight loss 

A transformative journey

When you take your approach to weight loss to a transcendent level – that is one beyond yourself and your own needs to something that embraces the totality of all things – you make the shift to change your weight patterns for life and to be part of the cure for weight gain in the world. 

You can begin to love your body and embrace a loving, respectful attitude to food. One that has deep reverence for the beautiful planet we live on. One that has deep gratitude for the people who work to bring good food to the table and one that lovingly enjoys the sharing and bonding we all have through food. 


Ebook: Paradigm Shift – weight loss in the modern world

When your weight loss journey becomes a transformtive experience, you help turn your whole approach to weight loss into a change you want to see in the world for generations to come.

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