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When it comes to losing weight, it doesn’t just matter what you eat; it also matters when you eat it.

A recent study investigated the difference in fat burned, depending on the timing of food intake. Participants were studied in two separate 56 hour sessions. In one session they were given breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the other session instead of breakfast, they were given a nutritionally equivalent meal as a late evening snack. The length of the overnight fast was the same for both sessions.

Even though the only difference between the sessions was the timing of the food intake, participants burned more fat when they ate breakfast instead of the late evening snack.

Many people skip breakfast when they want to lose weight. This could be counter productive. It may help you to lose weight if you eat breakfast and avoid snacking after dinner.

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Kelly KP, McGuinness OP, Buchowski M, Hughey JJ, Chen H, Powers J, Page T and Johnson CH (2020) Eating breakfast and avoiding late-evening snacking sustains lipid oxidation, PLoS Biol; 18(2): e3000622

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