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Recently, supermarkets shelves have been stripped bare and many people have stocked up on foods such as biscuits and crisps. It can be easy to overeat these foods, especially when you are stressed. Try putting what you are going to eat on a plate and put the rest away. Sit down and focus on your food. Eat it slowly and enjoy every bite.

How this can help you eat less…

There are biochemical reasons why you reach for high-sugar high-fat foods when you are stressed. This can make it very hard to resist that cake or chocolate biscuit.

If you are going to eat a chocolate biscuit anyway, you may as well enjoy it! When you slow down and focus on what you are eating, you enjoy it more, you register it more and it is easier to stop eating. If you eat with distractions, it is very easy to keep on eating.

If you put the rest of the biscuits / crisps away, before you start eating, you are less likely to get into a cycle of ‘just one more’ only to find you have eaten the whole packet.

If you reach for sugary foods to cheer yourself up, or crave carbohydrates when your mood  is low, try our book: Align your appetite with your needs

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