Your Holistic Diet


I don’t know about you, but the COVID-19 crisis has made me re-evaluate my life. It’s not just made me look at my entire lifestyle, including how I eat, my work/life balance and what I truly value in life, but it has done something deeper as well. It has made me follow me!
I have started to follow my myself and not other people. I have started to do what feels right for my body, for my mental health and for my lifestyle.
Everyone is in such different places within themselves over how to cope with our new world that the only thing to do is to go our own way, to take responsibility for our own happiness, our own health, our own lifestyles.
In psychotherapy we call this “attunement”. The way we tune into our own needs and act from a place within in order to get our real needs met. Dawn and I included this psychological theroy in Your Holistic Diet beause we felt it most acuratly described the shift from where you look to others for what to do and start to look to yourself to find the solutions. Often ‘diets’ are based on telling you what to do and how to eat. They are not based on your own individual metabolism and biochemistry. They are not tailored to the way you respond to your mental health. Many people eat when they really need something else. Maybe they are tired or stressed. Maybe they are bored or lonely. Maybe they don’t know what foods might make them feel better and so reach for sugar or carbs as a default but that is not really what they need! All this just leads to more comfort eating.
In the years we have worked with weight loss the one thing we have seen over and over is a need for each individual to understand themselves and their own needs. When they understand how they emotionally eat and what their own unique body needs there is a seismic shift.
So I have started to go my own way! I’ve stopped following anyone who doesn’t empower me to be me. I’m starting to create a post covid-19 life where I get to be me.
If you want to know more about how a lack of attunement affects your emotional eating try our ebook “Stop over-eating and tune into yourself”
If you would like to understand YOUR emotional eating have a look at the course I am running in the Autumn called “What’s eating YOU?” – it’s a 6 week mini-online course with me that helps you understand everything about your emotional eating. I’m going to end  2020 by being me – come and join me and get empowered to be YOU.  X

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