Psychological – Food is Love


Food is Love helps with eating pattern two – needing to connect

If you crave sweet or comforting foods, find it hard to wait for food or fear there will not be enough. If you you have cravings for specific foods that you can’t kick and have to eat very quickly. If you reward or yourself with something ‘naughty but nice’ or eat food that you know is bad for you, then have a punishing or judgemental attitude towards yourself after. Maybe you struggle to stop eating, even when you are full or never feel you have enough. Your Holistic Diet’s Eating Pattern Two - Needing to Connect explores our natural need to eat for human bonding and how this contributes to weight gain. This helps you give yourself the love you crave instead of reaching for food.

In this book you will discover:

  • Why emotional hunger or need for food may come from a deeper part of you that longs to connect
  • How to identify your relational attachment pattern which could be blocking you from losing weight
  • Why certain relational attachment styles can lead to overeating and cravings especially for comfort foods

By Bay Deane


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