Psychological – Stop over-eating and tune in to yourself


Sop over-eating and tune in to yourself helps with eating pattern three – recognising your needs


If you do not know when you need to eat. If you find it hard to recognise when you need to eat or when you really need something else like a break, a chat with a friend or to calm down. Maybe you want others to intuit your needs for you. If your weight gain is caused by eating what you want and not what you need. Your Holistic Diet’s Eating Pattern Three - Recognising your Needs shows how recognising your real needs could help remove this block to losing weight.

In this book you will discover:

  • If your eating could be prompted by an unmet need that you do not recognise and which you habitually seek to solve with food
  • How and why tuning in to your real needs, helps you know when you need food and when you need something else
  • How removing the blocks to understanding your needs can help you sustain lasting weight loss.

By Bay Deane


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